Sick Ceramics

Exhibition posters, wordmark design and business card design for local ceramicist Jess Nicholson (Sick Ceramics). These were all created to advertise for her solo exhibition Don’t Forget the Dishes in Your Bedroom. This exhibition of 100 of Jess’s ceramic works explored the juxtaposition of comfort and discomfort in flatting home life and the sometimes struggle to keep up with self care. 
Jess’s clown mugs are one of her most notable and iconic pieces, so using this image I created a poster that humorously expresses a “clown” figure, lethargically laid back in bed with dishes (silhouettes of Jess’s pieces) piling up around. The colours and textures are gritty and earthy, reflecting those of Jess’s work. The title type is original and hand-drawn. 


Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Aotearoa